The benefits of Eggs

Can you eat eggs safely?



** There was and still is confusion among doctors, patients and even healthy people about whether to eat eggs every day or regularly. Especially those who are a little older, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke or heart disease, or those who have high levels of cholesterol or other fats in their blood were told not to eat eggs or to abstain completely. Many people used to ask them to eat only the white part except the egg yolk. The only reason for this is that eating eggs raises cholesterol, which increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.

So far this idea is not true. Eating eggs does not increase blood cholesterol levels that much. A healthy adult can take up to 300 mg of cholesterol daily. Another egg contains only 200 mg of cholesterol. So experts say even the American Heart Association is no longer discouraging eating eggs in their diet guidelines. Anyone who eats egg whites will have no problem, even if they eat whole eggs with yolks, there is no risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease.

A large study has shown that eating 5-6 eggs per week has no risk of heart disease, stroke or other types of heart disease. According to the British Medical Journal, 1 egg a day is not harmful to the heart. An egg for breakfast does not affect the cholesterol profile as much as it does for your sweet or fatty breakfast.

Eggs contain protein, vitamin B12, riboflavin, folate and vitamin D, which reduce the harmful effects of high cholesterol. Even eggs may be a better alternative to eating long-preserved or processed meat.

benefits of Eggs

Many people are hesitant to eat duck or chicken eggs or even white or red eggs, in fact all types of eggs have the same nutritional value. Some people like to eat raw eggs again, even the idea that raw eggs are more nutritious, this idea is not true. On the contrary, eating raw eggs carries the risk of being infected with Salmonella bacteria. Those who work harder can eat eggs regularly. Even adults can eat a few eggs a week. And those who have become weak due to various diseases, they should eat eggs regularly for good health.

However, patients with kidney failure or renal failure should eat eggs according to the doctor's advice, because kidney failure should eat less protein. However, in some cases, eating eggs can cause allergies, in which case a doctor's advice should be taken. Therefore, there is no room for debate or confusion about regular egg consumption for good health and protein intake.

* Author: Professor Dr. A.B.M Abdullah:

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