Carona Caution: How safe is it to go to the Jim at this time? When you go to the Jim, you must follow these rules

Concerns about the coronavirus are growing by the day. People's normal daily life has changed. Covid's body and mind became increasingly restless after a long period of house arrest due to panic. Everyone was desperate to survive the four-walled captivity. This time is especially difficult for those who are very health conscious. But this time the health conscious people survived. This is because the government has allowed all outlets and gyms outside the containment area to open in compliance with safety regulations. However, health experts are disagreeing with the opening of a gym or yoga center.

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They claim that if the gym is opened, the infection will increase many times more. Because, it is very impossible to follow social and physical distance by following proper rules in gym center. So the risk of getting infected is very high.

How safe it would be to go to your gym center in such a situation is a matter of concern. If you still have to go to the gym, then you should take special care in some of the articles from our article.

Why is there a higher risk of corona infection from the gym?

According to health experts, it is not possible to observe physical distance in any way at the gym center. Many people use the same instrument. Since most gym centers are air-conditioned, many people have to stay together in a closed room. As a result, if there are no asymptomatic positive people in a closed room, everyone is at risk of becoming infected. Fitness experts say that it is not possible to use the mask properly while exercising.

What precautions to follow?

1) Even if it is difficult, you have to use the mask according to the correct rules. The mask should not be opened in any way.

2) Adhere to a distance of at least six feet from one to the other in the gym center.

3) The total number of people in a gym center, if you want to follow the distance rules according to the time divided by the time everyone has to come.

4) Carry your own soap, sanitizer, mask, gloves, towel, water bottle when going to the gym.

5) Do not touch the eyes, face, nose while in the gym. Occasionally wash your hands with soap or use a sanitizer.


6) Sanitize the instruments in the gym center before handing and instruct to sanitize the instruments.
7) Instruct the authorities to do a thermal screening of everyone before entering.
8) Avoid going to the gym if you have a slight cold, sneeze or cough.
9) Make sure that the gym center is being well sanitized every day.

10) Avoid air-conditioned gym centers. If possible, keep a few windows and doors open so that outside light and air can enter.

11) After returning from the gym center, take a bath immediately and wash the clothes with soapy water.

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