What is a headache ?

What is a headache?

What is a headache

What is a headache and why?

Pain along the head and neck is known as headache. Inflammation and tension of the blood vessels around the brain and bone lining, the nerves covering them, the muscles under the scalp, the muscles of the eyes, sinuses, ears and neck, etc. are the main causes of headaches.

There are about one and a half types of headaches in medical science. There are specific causes for each headache. It is worth mentioning here that many people have a misconception that headache means hypertension or brain cancer. In fact, that is not true.

Headache symptoms of hypertension are usually not found. This is why high blood pressure is called the silent killer. And the brain has no pain fiber of its own. So the brain cannot understand its own pain. If there is a tumor inside the brain, the main symptom is that the pain is not right.

One cause of pain on each side of the head. Such migraine pain is usually on one side of the head. Again tension type pain is usually all over the head. Cluster headaches are inside the eyes and sinus pain is due to sinus pain along the sides of the nose and inside the forehead.

Tension type head:

The most common headache is called Tension Type Headache (TTH). T.T. H. It is all over the head and lasts all the time even if it is not very intense. It was as if someone had tied the whole head tightly with a rope or a towel. This pain does not increase with movement. Although the pain is less in the morning, it increases in intensity as the day progresses. Fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disturbances increase this pain.


The second headache is migraine. Girls suffer more than boys. Usually the pain is felt on one side of the head. This is T.T. Unlike H, it does not chirp all the time but stops and it gets more and more intense.

It seems as if someone is beating his head with a hammer after a while. Light and physical exertion increase the pain so the patient loves to lie quietly in a dark room. Migraine pain can last from a few hours to a few days. Having someone in the family because of some genetics increases the risk of migraine.

Cluster head:

Usually this pain is along the eyes. There is a fixed time, and several times a day. In cluster headache, the eyes become red, water falls through the eyes, and there is a slight disturbance in the vision of the eyes. Day and night follow a certain time, take a certain time so it is called cluster headache.


There are small gaps in the bones on both sides of the nose and in the bones of the forehead. These are called sinuses. It contains air and this air balances the weight of the brain.

Inflammation of the lining of these sinuses inside the bones causes accumulation of air and cold. This causes severe pain along the sinuses. This is known as sinusitis pain called sinus headache. This pain is accompanied by cold, sneeze and cough.

One side of forehead or head: Airplane head

While traveling in the air, one may feel the pain of getting stuck or stabbed in one side of the forehead or head, which is called airplane headache. Although air travel is not a difficult task, studies have shown that one in 12 people suffer from airplane headaches. This pain is caused by a change in pressure during airplane travel. To reduce the risk of this pain, control stress, stay hydrated, and use over-the-counter painkillers if you feel pain.

Chronic Daily Headache:

Chronic daily headaches are called chin chin headaches every day of the month.

Girls often have headaches due to hormonal differences in the body. This is called hormonal headache. This pain is usually caused by a decrease in the hormone estrogen during or after menstruation. In addition, there are headaches during pregnancy and hormonal differences.

Sexual headaches:

Husbands and wives may have headaches during or before intercourse. Its name is Sexual Headache. This type of pain is usually caused by an increase in blood pressure in the brain due to intense exertion. The pain is not very intense. And heals in a short time.

However, if there is a sudden onset of severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, you must seek medical attention, as the pain is exacerbated due to vascular malformations (aneurysms / malformations) and can often lead to stroke and death.

Although there is a rhythmic decline in the union of husband and wife without exorcism, there are many times headaches. Usually the pain is more in girls. This pain is not given much importance. But in the rhythm of reunion of husband and wife only, the relationship gradually gets cracked and they get divorced.

Excessive tea or coffee causes headaches as well as a lot of the time even if you refrain from drinking tea or coffee.

Sometimes headaches happen for no reason. Even if you are upset, you have a headache. This is called psychogenic pain and there are psychological causes for this psychological pain. This pain can never be cured without psychiatric counseling.

 It is not right to ignore headaches. Just as headaches are caused by common causes, they are also caused by many major ailments. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the cause of headaches properly, take a complete history and get proper treatment.

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