The benefits of garlic.


Garlic is essential for various benefits of human body. There are two types of garlic--
1. Multicellular garlic whose botanical name is Allium sativum Linn.

2. Unicellular garlic whose botanical name is Allium ampeloprasum Linn. And the benefits of unicellular garlic are the most.

The benefits of garlic

Garlic contains Vitamin A,B,C,D Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Iodine and 6 antiseptic antioxidants.
A few years ago, a seminar on garlic was held in California. Expert scientists were present in this discussion cycle. They have conducted experiments on one particular disease in each country.

It is known that the application of exotic garlic gives good results in all kinds of boils, wasp and bite bites.
Internal application-- Arterial constriction, Constipation, Hand-foot rash, Influenza, Colds, Cough, Asthma, Throat burns, Inflammation, Gallstones, High blood pressure, Neurological weakness, Pharyngitis, Meningitis, Pharyngitis, Good results have been obtained by applying it on vomiting, chest tightness.

Garlic diet rules:

1. Ghee or fried in oil, can be eaten with various vegetables. 2. It can be eaten with flour or flour with garlic paste. 3. Garlic can be eaten with hot milk. 4. It can be eaten raw or cooked with rice.

Ways to get rid of garlic odor:

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice into the Sour yogurt. Wash it in water before meals the next day.

Use of garlic in various diseases:

1. For rheumatic pains: Chew one clove of garlic with hot rice every day. Also fry 10 cloves of garlic in 50 grams of mustard oil and massage the affected area twice a day with that oil.

2. Prevention of premature aging: Fry garlic in two cloves every day or mix it with flour and flour with curry.

3. To retain youthful energy: Mix 2 teaspoons of amalki juice and 2 cloves of garlic paste daily and eat it for at least two months. The condition is applicable to both men and women.

4.Corrosion of the body:Boil two cloves of garlic in a cup of milk and eat that milk every day. It stops decay and increases strength and knowledge in the body.

5. In flatulence: Mix three to four drops of garlic juice in one cup of cold water and eat it every morning.

6. When the sperm is thin: Drinking two cloves of garlic paste with one cup of hot milk increases the density of the sperm, increases the static force, removes the instability.

7. Chronic fever: Fever is increasing-decreasing but not leaving. In this case, four to five drops of garlic juice should be mixed with ghee and eaten once a day for three consecutive days, then the fever will be cured.

8. Improves the brain:
Garlic improves brain health due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective against Alzheimer's and dementia neuro degenerative diseases.

9. Improves digestion:
Digestive problems are improved with the inclusion of raw garlic in the diet. It benefits the intestines and reduces inflammation. Eating raw garlic helps to get rid of intestinal worms. The good thing is it destroys bad bacteria and protects the good bacteria in the gut.

10. Headache: If you hold your head for air, one to two drops of garlic juice will pull the nose and the headache will be cured.

11. For a sick child: There is no disease in the body. Many are eating good food but their health is not changing. In this case, ginger and garlic should be eaten twice a day with fresh gol.

12. Imbalances blood sugar: People with diabetes control their blood sugar levels by eating raw garlic.

13. Improves skin health: Garlic helps prevent acne and lightens acne scars. Cold sores, psoriasis, rashes and blisters can all benefit by applying garlic juice.

14. Good for weight loss: Garlic reduces the expression of genes responsible for the formation of progenitor cells that store fat. It increases thermogenesis in the body and can burn more fat and lower LDL (bad cholesterol).

15. Prevents Cancer and Peptic Ulcers: Due to its high antioxidant properties, garlic protects the body against lung, prostate, bladder, stomach, liver and colon cancers. The antibacterial action of garlic prevents peptic ulcer because it eliminates intestinal infections.


16. Good blood pressure: Garlic has anti-inflammatory benefits and helps the blood to flow more easily through the body. Several studies have shown that participants reduced blood pressure by 10% while taking garlic supplements.

17. Reducing the risk of heart disease: Garlic is a natural factor in reducing the risk of heart disease because it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. This is great for reducing your risk of heart disease by relaxing hard blood vessels and preventing platelet aggregation. How does it work? Garlic increases the production of nitric oxide which relaxes the blood vessels. This prevents platelets from binding to proteins which reduces blood clotting. When it comes to helping with heart disease, garlic covers you.

18. Strong bones: There is some evidence that garlic helps reduce bone loss by increasing estrogen in women which can be a big win for your bone health after menopause. Adding a daily dose of garlic helps reduce your risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Bone density a dairy product, green vegetables, fish and nuts are all choices on but it’s easy to season your salmon and spinach with garlic for your extra sulphide.

19. Super Skin: Garlic is a superfood because it has many beneficial properties: antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal. Which adds great benefits to your skin. Got acne? Rub raw garlic on top of your glass to kill bacteria. If you have sensitive skin, just be careful and do not overdo it. The antioxidant properties of garlic help to protect your skin and prevent damage from free radicals. The use of topical garlic extract over time can have anti-aging effects because garlic helps in the growth of skin cells and longevity.

20. It can protect against cancer: Garlic and other vegetables of the Allium family, including onions and mustaches, have been linked to a variety of cancers, including stomach, throat, prostate and colon. Garlic's natural compounds are known to kill cancer cells by selecting them and helping to prevent cancer from growing and spreading.

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