Mission Hope

Mission Hope

A historic UAE spacecraft is now on its way to Mars after being launched from Japan.

According to the BBC, 'Mission Hope' is traveling about 500 million kilometers to test the weather and climate of Mars.

The launch of the mission was postponed even after two previous preparations due to inclement weather.

The spacecraft will arrive in February 2021, coincidentally the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates.

Sarah al-Hamiri, head of the mission's scientific team, expressed relief after the successful launch of the spacecraft.

He said the impact on his country was much like that of the United States setting foot on the moon 51 years ago. That too happened on 20th July.

"Today I am glad that the children of the United Arab Emirates will wake up on July 20 and see their own adventure, a new reality," she said. It will inspire them to do something new. "

This month, including this mission in the United Arab Emirates, three missions are going to leave on Mars.

The UAE has absolutely no experience in designing and building spacecraft. They have embarked on a task that only the United States, Russia, Europe and India have been able to do before.

But the UAE's ambition has prompted them to take up the challenge.

Scientists think that these will play a helpful role in understanding how the wind decreased from Mars or water.

However, 'Mission Hope' will actually become a vehicle of inspiration that will attract young people from all over the Arab region, including the United Arab Emirates, to study science.

The government says the spaceflight is part of a project that will take the country from an oil-and-gas-dependent economy to a knowledge-based society.

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