heart attack symptoms

Tension increases the risk of heart attack

Dr. Arup Das biswas (Heart Specialist)

heart attack symptoms

➡️Whether it is summer or rainy. The head should always be kept cool. This is because when suddenly stimulated, certain nerves and some endocrine glands become stimulated. The effects of which are likely to increase blood pressure and heart rate. This puts pressure on the heart and increases the heart's need for other nutrients, including oxygen. And those who already have heart disease may have problems like angina. Even the risk of a sudden heart attack cannot be ruled out. And for those who have heart failure, that is, in cases where the heart is not able to pump properly, there may be an increase in pump failure and shortness of breath. Chest palpitations can also be a problem.

➡️Remember, whether you have heart disease or not, when we are excited, our heart rate increases. As a result, there is a risk of irregular heartbeat. In some cases, increased heart rate due to arousal has also been found to cause heart attacks. Some individuals even have 20 to 30 percent asymptomatic blockage in the coronary arteries. When such a person is suddenly aroused, the blood pressure rises and the heart ruptures, causing the block to rupture and blood clots to form, leading to a heart attack.

➡️Summer increases people's excitement. In fact, the environment is unbearable at this time. So our annoyance increases. And as the mood worsens, so does the heart rate. The above symptoms can be seen when he gets excited or angry again. This is why everyone needs to be careful in summer.

➡️As the tension increases, so does the blood pressure. This puts pressure on the walls of our blood vessels and damages the arterial walls. Accelerates the process of atherosclerosis. There may even be bleeding in some parts of the blood vessels. In addition, different types of biochemical changes may increase the need for blood clots in the arteries. This increases the risk of ischemic stroke in different parts of the body such as the brain. In addition, a sudden rise in blood pressure can lead to a type of stroke called hypertensive encephalopathy. Some people have small aneurysms (swelling of blood vessels) in their veins. If that aneurysm is ruptured, there is a risk of brain hemorrhage.

➡️If the blood pressure rises, there is a risk of kidney damage and even the risk of retinal stroke in the eyes cannot be ruled out. Again, there is a fear of damage to the blood vessels of the feet.

➡️We have a little more physical and mental discomfort due to the warm weather in summer. So eat more water at this time, walk around with water, if you go out in the sun with an umbrella on your head. Take other precautions. But the bottom line is, not just summer, you need to stay cool all year round to stay healthy. And you need to have self-control.

➡️When you get excited, tell yourself — ‘I don’t get angry. I will not say anything bad. Don't do anything bad. If I do, it will be my loss.

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