Diet to keep a cool head

There are a number of foods that can cause indigestion if taken in excessive amounts. As a result, our metabolism, that is, the process of food absorption and assimilation, slows down. Examples are meat, garlic, onions. We also need to talk about grill and fast food. Thus, due to the winter weather, our body has a balance of metabolic rate. As a result, even if you eat fatty foods, it is digested. This process is hampered in the summer. For this reason, eating grilled or fatty foods does not digest quickly. Slowing down the metabolism process creates discomfort in the body which indirectly stimulates the parasympathetic nerve.
There is a direct connection of the brain with the parasympathetic nerve. Several parasympathetic hormones are secreted to stimulate the parasympathetic nerve. Because of these hormones we cannot hold emotions. I expressed my anger. So we need to see which foods stimulate the parasympathetic nerves?

Diet to keep a cool head

In addition to meat, onions, and garlic, there are other foods that stimulate the parasympathetic nerves, such as chili and capsicum. This type of food contains an ingredient called capsaicin. You will notice that the pain spray and ointment contain capsaicin. Due to the presence of this ingredient, if you apply this type of painkiller ointment and spray on the skin, the area becomes hot and irritated! This is exactly the reason why we get uncomfortable when we eat too much chilli and capsicum. Because capsaicin causes compression in the stomach wall. In addition, nitrates stimulate the parasympathetic nerves. Any type of meat is high in nitrates.

In addition, spices like cloves and cinnamon can be eaten in excessive amounts, but there is a risk of discomfort in our body. Thus, the essential oils in spices like cinnamon cloves are good for the body. But nothing excessive can be good for the body. As a result, when such an essential oil enters the stomach in large quantities, the oppression begins. The parasympathetic nerve has to be stimulated to resist this strain. The brain is associated with the parasympathetic nerve. So eating too much spicy food can indirectly cause headaches.

Another reason behind parasympathetic nerve stimulation is not eating at the right time. If you notice, you will see that we feel very restless when we are hungry. This is because we have a hangar center in our brain. The more these hangar centers are stimulated in the absence of food, the more the parasympathetic nerves in our body will be stimulated.

The question is, where exactly is the contact of the parasympathetic nerve with the hangar center? Very straightforward. Glucose is needed for the proper functioning of the various organs of our body. Brain cells in particular need a constant supply of glucose. So the body wants to keep the blood glucose level normal.
Meanwhile glucose matches from food. But if for some reason the level of glucose in the body decreases, it will become difficult for the body to function. So then the parasympathetic nerves are stimulated. This is because a hormone called glucagon is released only when the parasympathetic nerve is stimulated. This hormone then converts glycogen stored in different parts of the body (liver and muscles) into glucose. This is why it is recommended to drink salt-sugar water in summer. Salt is needed because glucose cannot be absorbed by the body alone. Salt is required. However, it is not possible for everyone to drink salt sugar water repeatedly.
This is because frequent drinking of nunchini water increases the risk of excess glucose entering the body which helps in increasing the levels of triglycerides in the body. In that case eat seasonal fruits every couple of hours.

What to eat:

1. Melatonin, the type of food that is high in serotonin, helps us to maintain a good mood. Melatonin and serotonin help us sleep better and deeper. As a result, our nerve problems stay away. The mood is also good. Milk contains more melatonin. However, it is better to drink cold milk during hot weather. Jackfruit also contains more melatonin. Potatoes and rice also contain melatonin. For this reason, eating rice on a full stomach leads to better sleep.

2.Drink enough water. However, this time you need to eat fruit. Because the result contains flavonoids and other antioxidants. These ingredients help to flush out harmful substances from the body. It also keeps away various nerve problems. So at this time you can eat raw mango, bell, watermelon, jamrul, blackberry. Sand is a beneficial fiber that is able to flush out toxins from the body. You can also eat lemons. Lemon citric acid is effective in keeping our metabolic cycle in order. If the metabolic cycle is right, fatigue does not come quickly. Fatigue needs to be kept away in summer. Because we also get annoyed by fatigue. Extreme fatigue is also one of the catalysts in stimulating the parasympathetic nerve.

3.Eat more vegetables. The beneficial fiber and vitamins in vegetables keep the metabolism process normal. Removes toxic substances from the body. The body is clean. It also keeps the mood good.

4.You can eat red tea and yogurt. Because tea contains el-thianine. This compound helps reduce stress. Yogurt, on the other hand, contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which helps keep nerves cool.

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